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Dental Health Advantage Plan

About the Plan

Dental Health Advantage Plan

Providing you the dental care you deserve at rates you can afford.

 Having the ability to afford excellent dental care is becoming an increasing challenge, as many people are losing their dental insurance through their work and cannot afford to pay for traditional dental insurance out of pocket.  Our philosophy of care has always been that the cost of dental care is greatly reduced through a relationship with the patient stressing prevention, nutrition, and proactive homecare.

For our patients without dental insurance, we have developed a plan to allow you, through low monthly payments, to have all of your preventative and diagnostic care covered; plus have additional discounts on any treatment you may need.  There are no yearly maximums, no waiting periods--no fine print as to what is covered

Plan Overview: 

  • Patient or financially responsible guarantor must sign a one year, renewable contract.
  • No deductibles, annual maximums, or waiting periods.
  • 100% coverage on all preventative services, including dental cleanings, examinations, fluoride treatments, and routine x-rays.
  • There will be a $40 rescheduling fee should you cancel or reschedule your appointment without 48 hours' notice.
  • There is a yearly $50 processing fee for adults and $25 for children, which can be waived if you pay the yearly enrollment fee in full.
  • Monthly fees will be deducted automatically from a credit or debit card or a bank account if the yearly enrollment fee is not paid in full.
  • If patient uses CareCredit®, there will be an additional 5% service fee.
  • An additional 5% discount will be available for treatment totaling over $1000 if paid with cash or check three days prior to appointment.
  • All fees must be paid upon arrival at the office prior to services.
  • Patients will enjoy reduced fees for all services:


Crowns/Veneers $150 off
Dentures $150 off
Partial Dentures $150 off
Fillings $22-$53 off
Root Canal Therapy $100-$125 off
Sealants $10 off
Periapical X-rays $5 off
Scaling and Root Planing $19-$32 off
Problem Focused or Emergency Exams $10 off

All other  services, including orthodontics
and sedation therapy, are offered at 10%
off the office fee.

We offer several plans to best fit your needs...

Standard Plan for Adults and Children:
        --This plan covers:
                  -- Two cleanings per year
                  -- Two fluoride applications (for children only)
                  -- All standard x-rays
                  -- One dental exam per year
          -- Fees are as follows:

Standard Plan Level
Monthly Fee
Adult $25
Child (age 17 and under) $14

Periodontal Maintenance Plan:
     For those patients who require more frequent and under the gum cleanings.
          --This plan covers:
                  -- Four periodontal cleanings per year
                  -- Four fluoride applications
                  -- All standard x-rays
                  -- Two dental exams per year
          -- Fee is as follows:
Plan Monthly Fee
Periodontal Maintenance $50
For a more detailed look at our fees and the savings that the Dental Health Advantage Plan can give you, take a look at the Schedule of Benefits.

If you have any further questions about the Dental Health Advantage Plan, please call either office or stop in to pick up a brochure and speak with someone directly!