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Dr. Daniel Steinke & Dr. Hillary Caruso
Welcomes You to Their Dental Practice

Unless you have an emergency or immediate specific need, your first visit will be a comprehensive information and fact gathering session, which will take approximately 90 minutes. At that time we will learn all we can about your teeth, jaw alignment, bite, gums, supporting bone and other tissues of the head and neck.

After determining what you would like us to do for you and reviewing your medical history, we will take your blood pressure. We will suggest x-rays of all teeth. As a practice, we take as few x-rays as possible; however, we feel strongly that without necessary diagnostic x-rays we are relatively blind in our ability to diagnose many diseases. We will then perform an initial cleaning and polishing of the teeth.

During the comprehensive examinations we encourage you to watch, ask questions and make suggestions, as the more you understand, the better you are able to maintain your health. We are anxious to answer any questions you may have.

Your own dental health concerns are more complex, we may be required to take further records to complete our evaluation at another time. After we both understand the condition of your teeth and the surrounding tissue, we plan together a treatment course. Many times, there may be more than one option available to treat or restore a dental problem. Factors such as esthetics (looks), longevity, cost and treatment time may alter our plan for you, therefore your input is essential. We hope you will be as encouraged and excited as we are as to the multiple options now available to improve your appearance and well-being.

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